Ghulam Nabi Memon, PSP - IGP Sindh Police
Mr. Ghulam Nabi Memon, PSP
Inspector General of Police, Sindh

Vision by IGP Sindh Mr. Ghulam Nabi Memon, PSP

Prevention of crime, maintenance of law and orders and redressal of public grievances is the foremost priority of Police. Police must ensure that the registration of FIR is swift and hassle free. Negligence, carelessness and unempathetic behavior will not be tolerated at any cost.

In order to control crime supervisory officer should formulate comprehensive anti-crime strategy. Active measures such as improved patrolling/ snap checking covering hotspots of crime (motorcycle theft/ snatching) must be taken. Police should map and analyze the crime pattern of motorcycle theft/ snatching and house robberies and identify professional criminal involved in such crimes. Installation of CCTV cameras across cities should be encouraged. The same may be geo tagged on Google maps and if possible integrated into police surveillance network.

Supervisory officer should be pay special attention to improvement of investigation. Investigations should cover all legal prerequisites, which should be effectively ensured through check and balance such as maintenance of checklists. DIsGP and SSsP should personally monitor the investigation of important cases such as house robberies, ensure their early detection followed by professional collection and presentation of evidence in court. Such cases should be brought to logical conclusion through conviction.

Crimes targeting women, children and minorities should be timely registered, pursued by swift and effective police response. This will promote a sense of security and trust on police among such vulnerable groups.

I will not tolerate black sheep who bring disrepute to police through their actions, neither shall I tolerate incompetence, slackness, unwillingness or lack of empathy. Only officers with good reputation and capacity will be given important/ command assignments in the future. My criteria is "Hard work with good intention".

In addition to detection of crime, securing conviction in the court of law is the ultimate litmus test of effective policing. Police should take judiciary into confidence through their professional and impartial conduct displaying commitment, hard work and integrity. Judiciary is the most important pillar of criminal justice system from which police should draw its strength.

In order to ensure effective tackling of law-and-order situation, anti-riot force should be constituted at each district headquarter. The force should be properly equipped by utilizing the available equipments, carefully selected and given 15-day training batch wise.

Organized crime such as Narcotics peddling, Gutka/ Mainpuri/ Supari manufacturing and distributing should be seriously targeted. Known criminals involved in these crimes be pursued vigorously till they are convicted by the courts.

Conservation of police resources and manpower take the foremost importance. Mismanagement of manpower should be addressed through an effective system of checks. Integration and operation of software "POINT ME" must be expedited.

The doors of my office are open for all ranks. Everyone can approach me about their problems and I shall make utmost efforts these problems are addressed.

May Allah grant us the strength to fulfill the responsibilities assigned to us, Ameen.